This is my quest – my vision – my dream

After travelling through South East Asia for 9 months I decided to fully focus on working remotely doing freelance marketing jobs/copywriting. I have met so many digital nomads while traveling – And all I was thinking; if they could to it, why can’t I? But hold up! I can! I  have my knowledgable skills (I worked as a editor in the fashion/beauty branche/ marketeer in Bali) – Bachelors degree in Media & communication and a good attitude.

Creating valuable content

High quality content is super valuable these days. Not only to beat the algorithm of Google, but to build a long-term relationship with your focus group. It’s what we marketeers strive for. Many businesses are not aware that high quality content can get your business to another level.  Who do you want to reach with your content and what is your goal? The best companies know exactly who they are marketing to and how to speak to this audience. I’m specialised in creating branded content for companies and set out social media strategies.

I’m the go to girl when it comes down to:

  • SEO writing
  • Social Media
  • Blog articles
  • Front end developer WordPress


Little Rebel Buddha was created in january 2015. I’m mainly writing about topics like spirituality, self-development, travelling and lifestyle. I’m open for any ideas and collaborations.

Want to be featured on Little Rebel Buddha? Or work with me? Feel free to send me a message and I will come back to you shortly