15th of May – Koh Ta Kiev Cambodia

I had to look up the date of today. I adapted my rhythm to the way I live this nomadic life. As I’m writing this I’m laying in my hammock thinking about home on a tropical island in the middle of the Cambodian sea. The sea is whispering softly, but I’m not even listening. My rebel mind is thinking about home right now. 

My home is on the other side of the world. My home? Where is my home right now? I feel a little bit lost and confused. Home is with mom and dad, but my country? 

I grew up in a society where structure and organized people are  highly valued. A country where most of the people don’t even smile anymore. A country where people complain if someone jump in front of a train. A country where visionaries like me have a hard time with staying true to themselves, because of opinions of others.

Conform, conform, conform..to the rules of society. 

 A society where everything is focused on targets and money. Profits, big corporations and power. 

And here I am. Chilling in a hammock and ranting about the society I grew up in forgetting about all the palmtrees and the breeze of the sea. 

I just cannot help it. I opened my heart for the South East Asian culture and I feel like a part of me feels at home. This is that community life that I am longing for. 

My anger is rising. The words are flowing. I write down in big letters: I am not my society. Fuck society.

I am prepared to make holes in the matrix and create my own reality with love and light. I will never conform to the rules that will not soothe my soul.   

being a tourist in Pnohm Penh, cambodia


I’m sharing this because I know I am not the only one with these thoughts. Be brave. Go out there and take the risk, make mistakes and learn. But don’t go for routines if  it’s not soothing for your soul. We are here just a short amount of time/energy. 😉  

Namasté. ❤️