Traveling lessons: The things I learn as a solo female traveler

As a solo traveler, I have been asked so many times “why on earth I would travel alone?” Some people think it’s really brave of me to go out there and explore the world. And some of them think I’m utterly nuts because it’s a dangerous world out there. “Where is the fun in traveling […]

Myanmar: Wandering through Yangon with my head in the clouds

All that’s left are these beautiful memories we made along our journey. These moments that are imprinted in my mind, my being. Myanmar made my magical life come to life. It was like I found pieces of my heart when I traveled through this Golden land. 

Travel: Visiting The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Okay, this may be a super late and random post, but I was looking through all my travel photos and I realllly want to share this photo blog about the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! A year ago my journey began in Ho Chi Min City. From this Vietnamese crazy vibrant capital, we traveled all […]

Photos: Together against racism and discrimination at anti-racism demonstration Amsterdam

On the 18th of March – International Day against Racism and Discrimination people took a stand against right-wing extremism, racism and all forms of discrimination in the streets of Amsterdam. Approximately 2000 people came to the demonstration on Saturday.

PHOTOS: This is what a feminist looks like – Woman’s March Amsterdam 2017

The time is now. If not now WHEN? It’s time for us woman to let our voices be heard. On the 11th of March the streets of Amsterdam were filled with 20.000 people for the Woman’s March. It was freaking powerful I can tell you! Something magical happends when people are doing something collectively to make […]

PWCTW: Just a guy from the Netherlands who is facinated by plastic

PWCTW: People who change the world! Wohoooo. We are in a big big biiiiig transition phase. People from all over the world are playing a major key role in this big positive Change for humanity. I came across a guy named Dave Hakkens on Facebook who deserves more attention because of his love for community […]

Little notes: The hardest part about travelling is coming home again

You see the world, you travel far, meet amazing people, eat weird food and visit places that look like the perfect paradise postcards – then the time has come and it’s all over. The moment you are paying your flight ticket back it starts to hit you: all good things will come to an end. Everyone […]

Photos Womans March in the States: The divine feminine is rising

Can you believe it! 3.3 million people came together for the Womans March in the States. 500,000 in New York, 500.000 in Washington, 250,000 in Chicago, 750,000 in Los Angeles and so on. Even the streets in Amsterdam and London were filled with woman standing up for their rights. The Woman’s March on Washington has […]

Lifestyle: Plant trees while you search the world wide web with Ecosia

Want to save the ‘environment’ while you are searching the world wide web? Ecosia is a search engine that donates surplus advertising to plant trees. Learn more about it here and start searching.

Little notes: Between leaving and arriving – The end of my trip

I’m somewhere up in the clouds. In the distance I see an island. It looks mysterious because it’s like it’s disapearing in the clouds. The sun is shimmering magicly in the ocean. The waves look so tiny from this distance. I laugh because I know that the waves in Bali are far more than sweet, they can […]