Spiritual Integration Process: Embody the love frequency

Are you already on your awakening journey to know yourself and your divine nature? Have you been seeking for answers and feeling overwhelmed and lost in your journey?

With my Spiritual integration process, I am guiding you to embody your own love frequency, so that you can see and love yourself as the radiant being that you already are. With embracing all that you are you are allowing a new level of awareness, energy and flow through you without resistance.

We are now in the times of the great awakening and the world is slowly waking up from a deep sleep of knowing our purest form which is love. Life can be quite heavy at these times because we are releasing a lot of old energies and karmic patterns in these times of illumination. This is not something to worry about. We have been prepared for these times because our hearts are calling us back in a world where our mental intelligence is running the show.

This shift is not only happening on an individual level. The vibration of Mother Earth is shifting her vibration frequency and all of our brothers and sisters are changing with her too. And some of us are being called to anchor this new heart vibration.

Are you ready to do the inner work and integrate what you’ve understood on a Soul level during your awakening? Do you feel the calling to embody LOVE and to be a master of your own vibration? Are you ready to walk the talk?

And you feel like:

  • You want to integrate spiritual practices into your daily life, so you can respond to life with love.
  • Strengthen your ‘faith muscles’ when the shit hits the fan (life is throwing you some curveballs) In other words: You want to develop some serious soul stamina.
  • You want to know how to vibrate on a frequency of love so that fear is no longer directing your life.
  • You want to have spiritual direction and clarity.
  • But want to become your own spiritual director, so that you will learn how to tap into your own intuitive nature. And start flowing with life more easily.
  • Learn to trust the Universe/God with all of your heart.

You are excited:

  • When you hear the word Soul
  • to become a master of your own vibration
  • to follow your inner guidance.
  • to become more present, so that you can enter your own heart space more easily.

Why the Spiritual Integration Process: Embody the love frequency

With my Spiritual Integration Process, I have been allowing myself to feel deeply into what is necessary for my own growth. That has led me to a deeper understanding of the relationship I have with myself, sacred relationships and my Soul’s voice. And a deeper understanding of the relationship I have with God/Goddess herself. What helped me with my own process is that I am embracing every aspect of my journey and where I am in life right NOW – down to this very moment.

I’m trusting my own practices and feel guided and supported in every way. Because I know that when I am centered in my heart, that’s where I feel most alive, joyful and truthful. This is our true Divine nature.

And trust me on this, Spirit always guides us…

We are remembering our power as co-creators with the Universe. We are remembering what the ancients already knew: Energy is medicine. Your emotions are the indication of what vibration you are holding. Your vibration equals your point of attraction for everything coming into your reality and everything you’re convalescing with.

Oh Yes baby! And i’m just dropping this right here: Love is ALWAYS the answer. So, Are you ready to embody and tap into your own Love frequency?

Let me break it down for you:

1-1 Intuitive Mentoring session

1-1 Intuitive Mentoring session

Together we are going to identify fear blocks and patterns that ‘feel’ heavy to shift. The intention of this session is to transform old energy so that new energy can flow back into your life.

Training Video: Learn the Divine law of vibration

Training Video: Learn the Divine law of vibration

In this video, we are diving deep into the divine laws that govern this Universe. ‘all is energy’ for spiritual wellbeing and Soul Alignment.

Topics: The Revolution of consciousnessThe Divine Law of Vibration / The Ego mind as a servant / Law of karma / The art of surrendering 

Module 1: The power of intent and Rituals in your day to day life

Hover Box Element

This module consists of a Handbook and workbook + Guided meditation

We are going to focus on translating and understanding the language of your Soul. We are creating radical trust with our Souls. Super exciting!