“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” Here we are, sitting on two tiny chairs in a organised chaos. The smell of fresh gasoline and oil are not my favorite things in the world, but we have to deal with in anyway. We give the boys in front of us a smile and they look away with their shy eyes. 10 minutes ago we enjoyed our coconut juices on a white sandy beach, but on this moment we are unlucky; it is Friday the 13th in Phu Quoc island, Vietnam.

After our fresh juice we are ready to rock the road again. The engine of the motorbike is not really starting smoothly and we try several times to get it up and running. 

I’m smiling the enigine is working again. Can you imagine if the motorbike would not be working again? That would be troubles. 

We are back on the road with confidence, ready to explore more of this beautiful island. We smile, but in the back of our minds we are thinking about the engine. 

I say the magic words: “Nyn we have to be carefull with the engine. If we try it too many times, it’s not good for the oil.”

Before we know it the sound of the scooter stops and we are rolling down the hill. I’m not believing this. It’s too freaky. My head is spinning, what did I just said?

We’re not moving. Shit, how come? Wow, I really need to be carefull with the words that are coming out of my mouth.

“Ok, keep your head cool, Dramessica.”

We need to use our little musclepower to get the scooter to the end of the hill. We asked locals if they can help us.

The locals try the startkick, but after 20 times they give up. He uses his fingers to write in the sand. The number of 100 km appears. 

I’m looking at Nynke with a laughing face. “yeah uh…and now? I asked for help in any kind of manifestation. All of the sudden we hear a man on a motorbike saying: 

“Two people one moterbike, let’s go.” Our hero comes up to us like it’s no biggie. 

He brings us to a little garage inside the small village.    
 Now we are waiting on two mini chairs and I still can’t believe what just happend. We made on. We see little things on the ground. 


 The man who fixed our bike shows us a cup with oil. We have a laugh, thinking about the words I just said 20 minutes earlier.