Intuitive Awakening Online Course

It’s time to unleash and remember the Mystical Alchemist in you…

4 weeks of exploring the depths of your intuitive nature

Are you ready to level up your intuition and transform your life? To really start trusting you natural guidance? To take action from a space of Spirit instead of the demands of the ego-personality.

Intuition is Soul guidance and when you train this ability, you will walk through life with spiritual stamina and confidence in your own spiritual awakening journey.

Intuition is not fully acknowledged in modern society, because we have been misguided from listening to our intuition. Even though it plays a greater role in our lives than we realize. We are moving from the age of information towards the age of intuition. Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without factual proof, evidence or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was received.

We are remembering to balance our logic minds with the ‘voice’ of intuition and inner knowing. Mind and heart in alignment. Congruence. Less conflict. Less resistance. No more victim mentality. No more self-sabotaging. More decision making based on what the heart wants to radiate into this world. More alignment with our Higher Self.

The misconception about intuition is that it is a gift and some sort of special psychic ability. It’s time to really start acknowledging intuition as our 6th sense.

As Modern Mystics we don’t have to live in a monastery somewhere in Tibet and India. “What you are looking for is already in youYou already are everything you are seeking.” – Thich Nhat Hanh. And you can start today with where you are right now to discover the voice of your Soul, your intuitive voice.

In this 1 month online program we learn to discover how intuition works and how we can apply this spiritual intelligence in our daily lives. As your intuitive abilities will develop you will:

  • Have more spiritual clarity on the path of your intuitive awakening.
  • Develop trust and confidence and self-reliance.
  • Align with Spirit/Soul
  • Enhance your energetic body.
  • Feel connected to the wisdom of your own heart.
  • Shift dominant limiting beliefs that block you from accessing your own inner guidance.

Hi Mystic,

Let's go on a Soul journey..

A Modern Mystic in disguise..

A couple of years ago I hit rock bottom, losing my lust for life. Disconnected from my authentic voice, using masks to hide with a smile with that what was really going on inside of me. I spent a lot of my time hiding in my spiritual closet. Keeping all things mystical and spirituality pretty much under the radar. But I was conflicted. Hiding. Building walls. Isolating. Not expressing my beliefs just to be socially accepted. I felt like I didn’t really fit in, as I was trying to find a sense of identity in this world.

But then it hit me, my geeking out about intuition, symbolism, shamanism and the Universe where not something random. I was craving to learn so much about all things related to transformation and self-discovery. It was that part of me that made me jump up and down like a kid in the candystore. That’s when I responded to the call and set out my inner journey. A quest to transcend the old me and transform into a truer version of myself.

And that was the icing on the cake. After years of hiding in my spiritual closet, I couldn’t hold back the voice of my soul and that of my intuition. I couldn’t accept it any longer that my fears where blurring my Soul’s vision.

The world needs us wholeheartedly. You and I have great visions and gifts to share with the world. And the more we stay true to the voice of our intuition. The more we walk this path in congruence with the wisdom of our own heart. We learn how to make heart-centered decisions and call upon our inner guidance system.

The Modern Mystic doesn’t have to travel to India and live in a monestry or meditate all day. The Modern Mystics of today awaken to their inner guidance. The time of seeking is over. “What you are looking for is already in youYou already are everything you are seeking.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Topics covered in this online course:

  • The energetics behind intuition
  • How to channel guidance
  • Spirit Guides initiation: get to know your spirit team
  • Altering states of consciousness
  • Your body as an intelligent vehicle for your intuitive nature

Let your intuition become your daily guide and source of inner knowledge and wisdom in your everyday life.

The importance of acknowledging your sixth sense which is your intuition:

  • Start seeing a higher perspective in your life.
  • Start making powerful decisions that honor the Mind, Body and Soul.
  • Get guidance from your inner knowing.

But in order to use our intuition, we must develop and remember to use the skill. To become so intimate with our intuitive guidance system. So that we can use intuition as an intelligence that serves the power of our choices and to activate our highest potential, wisdom and sight. This intelligence is always linked to the answers we seek and the guidance we need to give us spiritual clarity on the path.

We have to learn how to make the connection and how to align with this intelligent intuitive guidance system. And work with any fears, limiting beliefs that are holding us back from accessing our intuitive nature.


4 modules

4 modules with practical tools to train and take your intuition to the next level. + 3 teaching videos and 5x guided meditation. This is what we will cover each week:

Module 1: Your vibrational blueprint

Get to know your vibrational blueprint and understand the mechanics of vibrational medicine, so that you intentionally can shift your energy into a desired state. From stress and anxiety to feeling centered, loved and  supported.

Module 2: Understanding your Divine Intuitive Nature 

Understand/experience the language of your own personal Intuitive Guidance System, so that you can make choices, decisions and take actions that are honoring your highest good. Harnassing a new way of being for 2019. So that you embodying the alchemist of your own destiny and dream life.


Module 3: The Ego and the Soul

Transforming fears and self-doubt is a very humble process to gain more spiritual stamina and clarity in your spiritual awakening journey. This is where we see clearly where we have been blocking our own intuitive guidance. In this module, we are going to get intimate with our fears and blockages, so that we can step into a version of ourselves that feels empowered to shift from fear to love. And we can live our lifes more based on our authentic Soulful truths. Leaving the spiritual closet behind once and for all.

Module 4: Channeling guidance for spiritual clarity

Once identified and shifted the dominant fear programming.  We are programming our consciousness to be a clear channel for spiritual clarity and guidance, so that we feel empowered to always turn to our own inner wisdom on this path of spiritual awakening.


  • training videos
  • 4 modules with a handbook and practical and tools for self-inquiry
  • Mystic Intuition Journal with fun exercises.
  • 5x Guided meditations to activate and train your intuition
  • Weekly email support
  • Lifetime access to this online program

Includes a 1-1 Session Intuitive Activation Reading

This 1-month online program includes an 1-1 Intuitive Activation Reading. Together we will uncover the truths of your intuitive nature (dominant intuitive sense) and work on what is blocking you from reclaiming your intuitive nature. I feel very humbled to offer you a safe sacred space where you can reclaim and develop your natural intuitive abilities. This 1-1 session (€50,-) is included in this 1-month program.

I am also available through email till up to 2 weeks after the online program has ended.

Are you ready to level up your intuitive skills?

Energy exchange investment: 

This 1-month online program could be yours for an investment of €155,55,- Sign-up before the 10th of December and receive a €20,- discount. With code: intuitiveguidance the price for this program becomes: €135,55. Per module you pay €33,-

Learn and study at your own pace. This online course will be delivered on thinkific.

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My story:

One of the biggest quantum shifts was when I fully started trusting and connecting to my inner guidance. Life started to unfold in so many miraculous and graceful ways. Opening and trusting the heart requires the willingness and courage to look at whatever is holding you back from tapping into your own power. To always keep on moving forward while learning to listen to the voice of your heart. That inner guidance that we all can rely on. Even in crazy shit storms! Because that inner voice will always turn towards the truth that feels right. We are just remembering how to listen.

A couple of years ago I was energetically drained, didn’t find any purpose in what I was doing. But most of all I felt so disconnected from myself which had an impact on the way I was living my life. I lost my lust and started to ask myself one of the most important questions that led me to explore my inner world: Who Am I?

In order to change my reality I had to dive deep to change my way of thinking, way of being. That’s when the journey started. I traveled to different countries in South-East Asia to find all the answers to live a life of purpose and inner freedom. One of the 3 pillars that is now imprinted in my consciousness is that:

  • There is no authority higher than your inner knowing.
  • Guidance is everywhere and Soul + Angels always got your back. And your intuition is your superpower to make choices in life that are beneficial for your growth.
  • There is always a place inside of you where peace resides. Returning to this space has been truly transformative for me to navigate through the chaotic times in life.

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