Intuitive Awakening Online Course

4 weeks of exploring the depths of your intuitive nature

Are you ready to level up your intuition and transform your life? Are you ready to really start trusting you natural guidance? To take action from a space of Spirit instead of the demands of the ego-personality.

Intuition is Soul guidance and when you train this ability, you will walk through life with spiritual stamina and confidence in your own spiritual awakening journey.

Intuition is not fully acknowledged in modern society, because we have been misguided from listening to our intuition. Even though it plays a greater role in our lives than we realize. We are moving from the age of information towards the age of intuition. Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without factual proof, evidence or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was received.

We are remembering to balance our logic minds with the ‘voice’ of intuition and inner knowing. Mind and heart in alignment. Congruence. Less conflict. Less resistance. No more victim mentality. No more self-sabotaging. More decision making based on what the heart wants to radiate into this world. More alignment with our Higher Self.

The misconception about intuition is that it is a gift and some sort of special psychic ability. It’s time to really start acknowledging intuition as our 6th sense.

In this 1 month online program we learn to discover how intuition works and how we can apply this intelligence in our daily lives.

Topics covered in this online course:

  • The energetics behind intuition
  • How to channel guidance
  • Spirit Guides initiation: get to know your spirit team
  • Altering states of consciousness
  • Your body as an intelligent vehicle for your intuitive nature
  • Embrace your spiritual journey in the power of the now

Let your intuition become your daily guide and source of inner knowledge and wisdom in your everyday life.

The importance of acknowledging your sixth sense which is your intuition:

  • Start seeing a higher perspective in your life.
  • Start making powerful decisions that honor the Mind, Body and Soul.
  • Get guidance from your inner knowing.

But in order to use our intuition, we must develop and remember to use the skill. To become so intimate with our intuitive guidance system. So that we can use intuition as an intelligence that serves the power of our choices and to activate our highest potential, wisdom and sight. This intelligence is always linked to the answers we seek and the guidance we need to give us spiritual clarity on the path.

We have to learn how to make the connection and how to align with this intelligent intuitive guidance system. And work with any fears, limiting beliefs that are holding us back from accessing our intuitive nature.

Who is this for? 

  • If you feel called to work with your spirit guides and would love to receive guidance and messages from Spirit.
  • If you would love to learn how to discern your ego voice from the voice of your intuition.
  • If you would love to deepen your connection with your intuitive nature and trust your intuition.
  • If you would love to level up your intuition and activate your inner guidance system, so you know how to use it in your everyday life.


4 modules

4 modules with practical tools to train and take your intuition to the next level. + 3 teaching videos and 1 guided meditation. This is what we will cover each week:

Module 1: Connect with your Intuitive Guidance System

  • Energetic behind intuition

Module 2: Transforming fears and self-doubt

Module 3: Channeling guidance for spiritual clarity

Module 4: Body as an intelligent vehicle for your intuitive nature

Each week you will receive:

  • 1 training video
  • 1 module with tools and a handbook
  • Guided meditations to activate and train your intuition
  • Weekly email support
  • Lifetime access to this online program

Intuitive mentoring

Time for integration. Ask me any questions about the material if you need to have any clarification. I am available through email till up to 2 weeks after the online program.

Are you ready to level up your intuitive skills?

Are you ready to transform your fears and doubts about your intuition?

Energy exchange investment: 

This 1-month online program could be yours for an investment of €100,- Sign-up before 22th of November and receive a €20,- discount. With code: intuitiveguidance.

Learn and study at your own pace. This online course will be delivered on thinkific.

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