Day 3: Fear or love choices

In our society we are used to either deal with ‘positive or negative’ emotions. We often fight against the ones that we perceive as ‘negative’ which causes  low-vibrational feelings of depression, powerlessness. With observation we are learning to navigate our emotional scale and learn to become our own intuitive guide. Emotions carry valuable information provided to us to help us understand ourselves better. Once you recognize and acknowledge how you feel and where your focus is, you can more easily and intentionally shift to a higher vibration state.

How do you feel throughout each and every day? Do you surround yourself by negativity and pessimism? Are your words holding the vibration of love or fear and scarcity? Awareness starts with the knowledge that everything in this universe is energy vibrating at a particular frequency.

Your body and thoughts are literally a vehicle to master your vibration.

To simplify every thought form we categorize these in fear and love. Empowerment comes from knowing that you can choose to shift fear into love.

And the power we all have to consciously create our own destiny. With consciously creating we are taking responsibility with the way we take action, think, speak and feel. Your vibration is in constant communication with the universe. The more we listen to the messages within. The easier it gets to make conscious decisions and changes in our inner and outer realities.

“All healing is essentially a release from fear.” — A Course in Miracles

Love of Fear Challenge

Before we are going to ask ourselves questions about our own belief system. Take a moment to tune in with yourself while focusing your awareness on your breathing. Once you feel relaxed and at ease, open your eyes and tune in with these questions for yourself.

1. What would you like to believe about yourself right now? For example: “I believe I am always connected to my intuitive nature. I believe I have all the answers within me.”

2. What are the actions/feelings of today that reflect this belief? Example: “I take time for myself to tune in and listen to receive guidance.” 

3. What are the fear-based actions/thoughts of today that keeps you from believing this about yourself? Example: “The need for approval from others, whenever I have self-doubt about making a decision for myself.”

4. What illusions are you ready to let go of?

5. How does your life need to change in order to accommodate letting these things go. / Is it responsibility? Make choices?

6. What are the actions you can take from a space of Spirit instead of fear-based thinking to embody what you want to believe about yourself? What do you have to put in place for yourself? Is it meditation, having your own vibrational medicine (tools to tune into loving vibrations), dancing, visualizations, journaling? What is truly nurturing to you? Create your own ‘Devotional’ Ritual Plan. (Remember there is no right or wrong with this)

With the power of Soul anything is possible. – Jimi Hendrix

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