Day 2: Soul invocation

The Soul speaks to you in the silence. The more you can quiet and calm your mind the more the soft, gentle whisper of the Soul can be heard.
– Genevieve Gerard

Invocation is a process by which one trains the consciousness to give itself to the divine. With invoking your divine intuitive Self aka the Soul you opening up a pathway to connect with that force.

You can ask for guidance or insights as you enter into silence to go beyond the ego’s mind. Your Divine intuitive Self has all the wisdom, power and love. This contact may come through a sense of peace, inspiration, ideas, an answer or an inner knowing. Know that with intention/invocation you simply made contact. This is a beautiful way to deepen your relationship with your intuitive nature. It’s up to us to decipher these codes/messages that we receive. And the willingness we need to have to see beyond the veil. And the conviction to believe in the unseen world as much as our physical reality.

When this conviction grows, we practice direct knowing from the Soul and the unseen (goes beyond our physical reality). We are building to have more faith not only just about having it. But to build that unshakable trust on knowing that we have all the answers within ourselves.

We are starting the challenge of today with a video and invocation. 

  1. In what way did you receive guidance and directions today? Symbolism? Inner knowing? What words describe the feeling you got while tuning in.


2. Write an acknowledgment letter to your higher self. Read it out loud. Maybe you even feel called to record your own voice (power of vibration) while doing so.

For example:

“Dear Divine Self Lead me the way and show me all of your grace. Use my voice as the perfect expression of my Divine intuitive nature. Use my mind to show me deeper truths of who I am. Direct the events and circumstances of my life. Show me what I have to learn and remember about myself.”

Use your own language and what feels good to you. Record your own message so you can listen to your own voice whenever we forgetting about our true nature.

Have a beautiful day wherever you are in this world! See you when we tune in for day 3 of the Intuitive program.


Jessica Francis