Day 1: The language of the Soul

Busyness is the language of modern life, but stillness and feeling is the language of the soul.

Soul language is a unique form of communication with your Soul. In our first day challenge, we are going to explore tuning in with ourselves and going beyond the 5 senses to receive messages from our intuitive nature aka your Higher Self.

Besides our ego voice, there is another voice that whispers gently. This voice is not influenced by the outside world, the conditioning and the programming of society. This voice is and inner knowing of the truth. It is your inner Soul that is so willing to guide you through this human experience…It is your Soul that separates the illusion from the truth, so you can see more clearly and make decisions and choices that are in alignment with your highest good.

Soul says…

  • Your life is a reflection of your inner self. Your outer world and circumstances are a direct reflection of your inner world. “As above, so below. As within, so without.”
  • Everything is happening for you. For the greater good of all. For all the lessons you have to learn. So you will discover more about your true Divine Nature.
  • You are not broken, you need acceptance and self-love.
  • The answers are not outside of you. Once your learn how to listen to your Soul and intuition, you know that your Divine intuitive Nature has all the answers for you.
  • Your life is in your hands. You decide what to feel, think and manifest in this life.

Ego says:

  • ‘ I don’t have any control over my life. I am a victim of the past.’
  • ‘ I need to be liked and accepted by others to feel complete and whole. ‘
  • ‘I don’t like change because that means I have to step out of my comfortable box.’
  • ‘I would love to do that someday but I can’t.’
  • Nothing is ever happening for me.

Grab a notebook and a pen. With our first challenge, we are going to tune in with a guided meditation to connect with the stillness within. Before you fill in the answers of these questions. I am inviting you to do a Soul Journey with a guided visualization meditation with me. Listen here:

  1. What message does your heart have for you? Which deepest hearts desires does your Soul want to share with you right now? How does it feel like, look like. What kind of words do pop up. Just free flow.

I believe everyone loves the idea of an empowered version of themselves, through the choices we make in life. And whether we like it or not. Responsibility is the gateway to the power and freedom that we desire for ourselves. Responsibility might sound less sexy but is one of the most powerful things we can do in life. Taking responsibility means taking new choices or acting differently for expansion. There is no magic pill, there is only choice. Which makes you a super human with super powers.

2. What kind of choices can I make in order to create more of my heart desires? Is it to spend more time with yourself? Is it less judgment of others? 

3. With this assignment of today, I am inviting you to use the power of your own imagination. Write a letter from your future Self to your Self of today. Just like you are writing a letter to your best friend which in this case is YOURSELF.

Remember our bodies are ‘limited’ in this physical dimension but our Mind and Soul can travel to a place where time doesn’t exist. In other words with the power of imagination and pure intention, we can tap into the field of pure potential. So use all of your warm heart energy (love frequency) to write this letter.

I also would love to remind you: Don’t be conformed to reality – Let reality conform to you. So be as courageous in your writing and feel into it. As long if it’s coming from a place of pure intention (+pure potential ;)) nothing can do you any harm – The only one who can is your limiting belief and right now we are dreaming bold and are boundless. Have fun with it!