Jessica Francis works as a clear channel to assist you in gaining spiritual intelligence from your intuitive guidance system.

Take that journey within...

Life was just happening to me with no sense of fulfillment. And I kept on losing myself in other people, circumstances and meaningless jobs. It was when I hit rock bottom that I knew something needed to change radically. 

So I started my journey looking for all of the answers to a life full of meaning and aliveness. I packed my bags and left everything that I was familiar with. I took a leap of faith, stepped into the unknown and fiercely walked the path of not knowing.

I traveled to the most sacred places and Buddhist temples in Asia to find pieces of myself. Just to realize that all of the answers I was looking for where always inside of myself. It was when I realized that I needed to break my own ego’s illusions that I experienced that the guidance and grace was always around me and the Universe and God/Goddess where always a part of my journey.

It was in the moments of complete loneliness that I knew deep down that I needed to reshape my whole reality. I felt sick of hiding in my spiritual closet, dimming my Souls voice. But I came back to the other end. I found the light within and remembered my own divine intuitive nature

When you hear that calling to start walking with faith and lead from the's time to dive deeper into your spiritual intuitive nature. To turn fear into love.

Spiritual integration for Clarity on your spiritual path

Packing my bags and traveling to Buddhists temples on my seeking journey was when I felt connected to the answers I was seeking. I'd gotten so busy trying to do it 'alone' I'd shut myself off from channeling grace. But then everytime when I ‘thought’ I was confused and lost. The next steps of my seeking journey were made clear, and that's when I realized how we as a society have been guided to disconnect from our own spiritual intelligence. There is no magic pill, there is only choice. So often we can barely see the choices at all.

After moments of complete loneliness, losing money, I chose spiritual integration. x years later, I help people with those same feels, find clarity with spiritual integration too. Because I believe that everyone is born with an intuitive GPS system to follow your own inner guidance.