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Time with your divine intuitive nature almost becomes non negotiable when you are walking the spiritual path.

Why? Because the path of the Soul is not for the faint hearted. The spiritual warrior feels the calling to turn untruths into truths. And has the courage to journey the path less travelled because it is choosing to bring light into the darkness. Fears into love. Ignorance into wisdom. This doesn’t mean that the warrior doesn’t feel the fear anymore. It means that it feels it anyway and is always willing to move through it. It knows that the mind can be the greatest deceiver but also a great companion to receive knowledge and applies this in their daily lives. The spiritual warrior calls in healing and awareness for Self and the collective because it is answering the call to tune in with their intuitive nature – inner guidance.

Once you feel more and more in tune with your intuitive nature, you start vibrating on a high level because you will feel more connected to your heart and inner truths. You are operating from a new awareness which will help you to see through the illusions that cause you suffering and pain from the mind.

And I can 100% guarantee you that the Universe/God-herself loves high vibrational beings. Because the field of unlimited potential is always supporting you with co-creating your life and reality. Which makes you simply said: the cause of the effect with your own energy.

Implementing tools in your daily life will make it easier to start taking action, see choices and make decisions from a space of Spirit instead of fear-based thinking. Time to tune in with our intuitive nature!

Day 1: Language of the Soul

How does the Soul speak? Soul Language is a unique form of communication with your Soul. In our first day challenge, we are going to explore tuning in with ourselves and going beyond the 5 senses to receive messages from our intuitive nature aka your Higher Self.

Day 2: Invocations

Invocation is a process by which one trains the consciousness to give itself to the divine. With invoking your divine intuitive Self aka the Soul you opening up a pathway to connect with that force.

Day 3: Tuning into fear or love

In our society we are used to either deal with ‘positive or negative’ emotions. We often fight against the ones that we perceive as ‘negative’ which causes  low-vibrational feelings of depression, powerlessness. With observation we are learning to navigate our emotional scale and learn to become our own intuitive guide.