21-Days of Meditation Practices

Want to deepen your own spiritual practices at home? This 21 day meditation program is a beautiful introduction to meditation and a way to develop healthy habits for your own spiritual welbeing.

The main purpose of this program is that we create a healthy habit for ourselves and commit ourselves to raising our vibration. With raising our vibrational state we feel more in charge of the way we want to live our lives. With meditation we become intimite with our own monkey mind. And find space to implement new ways of thinking, habits and change for ourselves.

Our 21-day Meditation journey consists of 3 weeks of receiving meditations that will cover different topics: From the inner child, the higher Self to 3’rd eye meditations. All to honour our Soul and the wisdom of our heart.


Why meditation?

  • Meditation relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Increases your Self-awareness
  • Makes you feel more present
  • Develop your intuition


What do you receive?

  • 3 Handbooks with each week 7 different meditation practices (delivered on thinkific)
  • 4 guided meditations
  • Questions for self improvement

All for a symbolic price of €5,55 as a gift for 2019!