Want to deepen your own spiritual practices at home? This 21 day meditation program is a beautiful introduction to meditation and a way to develop healthy habits for your own spiritual welbeing.

The main purpose of this program is that we create a healthy habit for ourselves and commit ourselves to raising our vibration. With raising our vibrational state we feel more in charge of the way we want to live our lives.

Why spiritually commit yourself?

When we become more masterful on consciously raising our vibration, fear slowly starts to disappear in our day to day life! Well, sometimes that’s so much easier said and done. Especially when fearful reptilian thoughts have taken over your brain and decided to sit in the front seat for a while. Yes, to be disciplined with a practice is very beneficial when you want to implement new ways of thinking and being in your life. Especially when we want to take back our own power and scare the reptilians out.

Did you know that 10-20 minutes of meditation per day can significantly reduce your risk of giving a shit about fearful illusionary thoughts? To be committed to a practice is to be committed to your spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing. To put a daily practice in place is to commit to your own transformation. And because of that Spiritual commitment we are able to confront inner obstacles, to set your Soul on the throne.

The activities of the program:

  • will help you to develop your intuition
  • will help you tap into the subconscious mind. Get to know your own psyche.
  • will help you tune into energies of support, love and empowerment.

Who would you like to be in 2019? Not that how you appear in the external reality, but that who we really are from the inside out. You true Self resonates at a higher frequency and is tuned into the vibrations of inner peace, bliss, joy, curiousity and connectedness. These balanced energies are all yours and it’s part of your Soul’s Blueprint to feel this good about yourself.

Your transformation is always an inner journey. To start to awaken more to the truth of your authentic self is to take the first steps to start becoming very raw and real with yourself. To let go of some of ego’s identity layers that are not serving your highest good.