Messages from the Soul

The feelings and fears you have are not something random. They are here to show you that it is possible to overcome them and start living a more authentic life. You see, we all have fears and doubts about ourselves once in a while. But is that going to direct our whole lives or are we being offered the choice to look within these messages? As a society, we have been guided to disconnect from our own spiritual intelligence. There is no magic pill, there is only choice how we want to live our lives. So often we can barely see the choices at all.

I would love to work together to look deeper into these messages and choices. So that we can go down to the root of what is holding you back so that you can choose to feel free again.

1-1 Spiritual Integration Soul Session
Reconnect with your intuitive guidance.

Are you ready to re-discover your own power to reconnect with your Soul’s voice and your heart? To really start stepping into your own power, to help you feel unstuck with where you are right now in your journey?

I know how it feels like to be lost, alone and confused on my spiritual journey. The difference between the old self of 10 years ago and right now is that I integrate spirituality in my day to day life which helps me to navigate in the spiritual realm and physical realm.

intuition woman

Remembering the truth of who you are...

I’m here to help you move forward with spiritual clarity and ease. Together we will go beyond our mind and physical dimension and tune in with the divine matrix to see if your Soul has messages for you. We will work together to help you with your spiritual growth, to connect with your Soul’s voice and see life from a greater perspective. To integrate what we already know on a Soul level. When we acknowledge ourselves on a Soul level. And start to build a relationship with our Divine intuitive Nature we can really start seeing ourselves as powerful human beings with so much (unlimited) potential. And when we acknowledge that there is space for healing and growth we can start to create big shifts in our lives. Are you ready to walk with me?

What can these sessions do for you?

  • Help you to have the understanding of your Divine intuitive nature, so that you get clarity on your deepest hearts desires.
  • Help you to develop a healthy relationship with your ego and reconnect with your Soul’s voice, so that you can embrace all that you are right now. This is how we are integrating spirituality.
  • Help you to identify what is blocking you to live up to your fullest potential, so that you can make empowering decisions in life.

This session is for:

Spiritual seekers, Lightworkers, Beautiful badass raw human beings on a Soul journey ready to start moving forward with faith in Self and reconnect with your hearts desires.

 So, Are you ready to embody all that you are? And start integrating! 

I’m offering my Soul Journey Sessions for an investment of €44,44. Feel called to work with me? Pop me a message below and tell your story! Let’s connect.

To sum it up for you. Your session for €44,44 consists

1-1 Spiritual Integration Session

1-1 Spiritual Integration Session (60 minutes Mentoring)

These guiding sessions are used to talk about multiple life situations in addition to spiritual growth and development. The take away from this session is that you will receive spiritual clarity and a shift of energy. 60 minutes skype session.

20 minute Follow up Session

20 minute Follow up Session

Follow up session to connect within 2 weeks from the session.

Let’s connect if you feel called to have a session with me. Or if you have any questions.

xoxo Jessica Francis