Intuition Activation Energy Readings

Are you ready? To really start stepping into your own power, to help yourself gain more clarity with where you are right now in your spiritual journey? Would you like to understand yourself better and to connect to your spiritual essence?

In an Intuitive Activation Energy Reading I will be tuning in with the most dominant fear that is blocking you from accessing the wisdom of your heart and intuition.

The main intention of the intuitive reading session is to leave you feeling empowered and connected to the wisdom of your own intuition. So that you gain spiritual intelligence and clarity to tune in with a bigger perspective on your Soul's path.

A 1-1 Intuition Activation Reading consists of a process that is in honor of your intuition by releasing dominant fear patterns blurring intuition. Blocking you from taking action from a space of love and spiritual stamina.

From feeling stuck to moving forward
with grace and ease

Let's have a Soulversation!

The feelings and fears we all have are not something random. They are here to show us that it is possible to overcome them and start living a more authentic life.

You see, we all have fears and doubts about ourselves once in a while. But is that going to direct our whole lives or are we being offered the choice to look within these messages?

As a society, we have been guided to disconnect from our own spiritual intuitive intelligence. It's time to reclaim our intuitive authority in honor of ourselves and our Soul.

Intuition as a valid source of information and spiritual guidance

When we deepen the relationship with our intuitive nature, we walk through this life with Soul stamina and spiritual direction. We feel confident to walk the talk and live in congruence with the whisperings of our hearts and our intuition. In alignment with our highest good.

To live a spiritually rich life in modern times is not for the faint-hearted. When you hear the calling to start living more from the heart. You are being called to strip away all the untruths and fear-based programming that has led us in a state of separation, suffering, and illusion.

An Intuition Activation Reading/Session is a private 1-1 session with me where we will access information from the spiritual realms. By connecting with your Soul Essence we will be able to identify and shift subconscious fears that are blocking your intuition. Together we will unravel the dominant fears that are holding you back to shine your authentic light in this world.

The biggest blocks of hearing and receiving intuitive guidance:

  • The rational mind trying to make sense of things. To make decisions based on what the mind is telling to be correct, keeping us in a space of comfort and stagnating in our personal growth.
  • Other peoples opinions and influences. Approval.
  • The voice of the ego that approaches this world from a place of fear and lack.

The experience is where it's at:

• Experience and tap into your intuition, so that you get clarity on your deepest hearts desires and the answers that you are seeking on this spiritual journey.

• Together we identify and shift fear-based patterns that block you from your intuitive nature. From fear to love. so that you feel empowered to make decisions that honor the Soul.

• Activate and increase your intuitive abilities - Tune in with the messages of your heart and Soul to gain spiritual confidence.

The Intuition Activation Process is for:

This session is magically crafted for empaths and lightworkers that are ready to shift their perspective about their high sensitivity and intuition. If you feel:

      • A lack of energy and want to feel re-connected to their intuitive guidance system.
      • a disconnection from intuition.
      • Want to have a sense of purposeful direction in life, so that you will move forward with grace and ease.
      • Break through emotional blocks and behaviours that hold you back, so that you gain a deeper understanding about yourself.

Your session includes:

  • 45 minute 1-1 session (on Zoom)
  • Video recording of your session
  • Unlimited email support for two weeks after the session
  • A free Intuitive abilities Journal

All for an investment of €77,77.

Book a reading

You will be directed to my calendar to book in your session. Pick a suitable time. All payments go through Paypall.

Hi, I'm Jessica Francis

Jessica Francis works as a clear channel to assist you in gaining spiritual intelligence from your intuitive guidance system. In a 1-1 session she tunes into a altered state to receive intuitive messages from Spirit. These messages could come in the form of visions, inner knowings and metaphors. And help you to understand your spiritual journey’s by identifying any dominant fears that prevent you from receiving spiritual guidance from your higher self.

Jessica’s readings are not about predicting future outcome’s. The intention of the session is about empowering you to make choices that honor your own intuition and Soul. She assists in clearing out old energies, so that you can connect with the wisdom of your heart. And feel clarity on the path of the Soul.