Be a master of your internal world and align with Soul.
Little Rebel Buddha is devoted to help you to remember your Divine Nature.
So that you feel empowered to take decisions and make the changes to create a life with purpose.

Hi beautiful Soul

Hi There! Thank you for being here. At this time. In this moment. My name is Jessica Francis and I want to help you remember your Divine Nature. Little Rebel Buddha is dedicated to individuals on their way to the road of self-discovery and self-mastery. May we all rise. May we all reclaim the power to align with our Divine Nature. So that we can live our most beautiful life.

Spiritual Talks

When shit hits the fan turn fear into love

Every “shit hit the van” moment is an opportunity to shift fear into love. An opportunity to see how powerful you are! This is how you train that extra muscle of Faith. This is how you refocus, realign. This is the divine in action. You - yourself as a cocreator of the Universe have been given the power of choice. And that is your superpower! What are you choosing today? Fear or Love?

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