Intuitive guidance for the Soul.
Listen to the whisper of your heart.
I train intuitives to embrace and remember their inner knowing and inner guidance.

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Spiritual integration for Clarity on the path of the Soul

Packing my bags and traveling to Buddhists temples on my seeking journey was when I felt connected to the answers I was seeking. I’d gotten so busy trying to do it ‘alone’ I’d shut myself off from channeling grace. But then everytime when I ‘thought’ I was confused and lost. The next steps of my seeking journey were made clear, and that’s when I realized how we as a society have been guided to disconnect from our own spiritual intelligence. There is no magic pill, there is only choice. So often we can barely see the choices at all.

After moments of complete loneliness, losing money, I chose spiritual integration. x years later, I help people with those same feels, find clarity with spiritual integration too.

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1-1 Sessions

Intuitive guidance for seekers on the path of the Soul. An Intuitive Guidance session may be just what you need to help you move forward with clarity and ease. Together we will uncover the truths of your intuitive nature (dominant intuitive sense) and work on what is blocking you from reclaiming your intuitive nature. Deep wisdom and inner knowing can be accessed through your intuition. And helps us to live a life that serves our Souls and decision making. I feel very passionate to offer you a safe sacred space where you can reclaim and develop your natural intuitive abilities.

What the tribe says:

“So I saw Jessica for the first time some time ago in one of her videos talking about a topic I was ruminating on at that time. I felt a connection right away and started following her and her messages. When I decided to come to Bali I knew she was there and on the back of my head I had this intuition about meeting her in person. We had a 1-1 Session where we talked about topics related to my journey. It felt realy good to connect and exchange energy and information in the session. Especially that I have somehow envisioned that before and it was an amazing feeling to see it manifesting in all its colors. Jessica is a beautiful Soul and time spent with her was of a great value.” – Bartosz Kotowski


When you hear that calling to start walking with faith and lead from the heart…it’s time to dive deeper into your spiritual intuitive nature. To turn fear into love.

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Don't conform to reality. Let reality conform to you.
Let your intuition be your guide.