Moving towards the freedom

of being authentically you.

The beauty of your Soul seeks expression and growth in this lifetime..

This part of you is asking questions like; what is my purpose in life? Why am I here? And where do I truly find meaning and joy? Is this the job I really want to pursue? Do I speak my authentic truth or am I still hiding in the spiritual closet?

When the voice of the Soul starts expressing itself. It can leave us feeling confused and unsure about pretty much everything in our lifes.

And this is the part where I say congratulations. No you are not going crazy. Even though nothing may seems to make any sense anymore. It's just that you and I are starting to wake up to a more authentic version of ourselves.

When the voice of the Soul starts expressing itself. It can leave us feeling confused and unsure about pretty much everything in our lifes.

Being your authentic self is often mistaken with a walk in the park. Let's just wake up today and do what we love to do, by being who we love to be without the fear and the judgements of what everybody else is thinking.

There is no destiny. There is only the power of our own choices. And your free will to create a life in alignment with your Soul.

Hi there,

Are your ready to be the bridge towards your own transformation? To start the journey within? Each one of us is born with an intuitive guidance system, also known as the compass of our Soul. This guidance is mostly in a battlefield with the logical and reasoning part of the left side brain. And is part of your inner truth, that we have been so programmed to fear in these day and age. You are your own masterpiece. An unique expression of the Divine with hidden treasures, inner wisdom and knowledge. It’s time to reclaim the power of your intuitive voice.

There is nothing special or superstition about your sixt sense. To receive and act on spiritual guidance is to live in alignment. It's time to reclaim your intuition like a reliable source of information.

Services that honor the path of the Soul

“So I saw Jessica for the first time some time ago in one of her videos talking about a topic I was ruminating on at that time. I felt a connection right away and started following her and her messages. When I decided to come to Bali I knew she was there and on the back of my head, I had this intuition about meeting her in person. We had a 1-1 Session where we talked about topics related to my journey. It felt really good to connect and exchange energy and information in the session. Especially that I have somehow envisioned that before and it was an amazing feeling to see it manifesting in all its colors. Jessica is a beautiful Soul and time spent with her was of a great value.” –

Bartosz Kotowski
Artist – Soulpreneur

“Working with jess is a real honor. She’s so humble in her way of doing things & her authenticity is what inspired me to work with her. She used her intuition to lead me towards my own fears and then she guided me towards a free version of myself, my true nature. From there I was actually able to take decisions from a place of love and I felt really grounded. Jess is really amazing and if you have the chance to work with her, please do so!” –

Emma Deschenes 

Yoga Teacher and spiritual mentor

“My Intuitive Activation Reading with Jess led me through a breakthrough to lift some baggage off and move forward being more aware on how to consciously support myself.”

Kio Soulpreneur

You are the bridge towards your own transformation. Your fears a roadmap towards your freedom.